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Talking Can Help

If negative feelings and emotions seem to constantly be with you and are affecting your home or work life. Or, perhaps you are facing a potentially life-changing decision or simply feeling stuck in a rut.

Acknowledging that you need help to face issues, takes great insight, strength and courage. Talking to a counsellor may help you to find a way to move forwards to a better place, where life becomes more bearable.

important notice – january 2021

Online Counselling Provisions

Given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, I am seeing clients in an online capacity only. 

When you make a booking you will be emailed a secure meeting invitation through the Zoom platform. 


I’m Here to Listen

therapeutic counsellor

Diana R. Hattersley 

B.Sc., Psychology. Prof Dip., Counselling

It can sometimes be difficult to completely open up to friends, relatives or work colleagues for fear of damaging relationships or compromising your career. I can provide a calm, unbiased and highly confidential space for you to talk about the problems in your life.


I am professionally trained to help you explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviour openly, without fear of being judged. I can support you to find alternative angles and gain new perspective.


There are many different kinds of counselling and psychotherapy, and numerous different training programmes. So much so, it can be difficult to know what it all means, who you can trust, if the person is properly qualified, and so on. 


Too often it seems anyone looking for help, especially through the NHS, is likely to be steered towards cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). But many people benefit from a more classic psychotherapy: person-centred, empathetic, compassionate – a “listening experience”.