Diana Hattersley | FAQS
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I think I may need to see a counsellor but I’m not really sure, how do I know?

People seek counselling for all sorts of reasons. For example, you may feel you want to talk to somebody in confidence about a personal issue, or to change patterns of self-destructive thoughts or behaviour. Talking to a counsellor can help you move on.

How many sessions will I need to book?

The number of counselling sessions needed varies and depends on the issues or concerns a client wishes to explore. I offer weekly sessions of 50 minutes duration, which can be paid for at the end of each session or you may wish to book a block of six sessions at a discounted rate. I also offer a concessionary fee for students or people on a low income.

What if I change my mind about therapy?

Our initial appointment is to determine whether a rapport is developed between us and that you are happy to work on your issues with me. I will provide you with a contract at the end of this session to take away with you and read. The contract provides comprehensive details about the model of therapy I practice together with the BACP Ethical Guidelines, which inform my practice. This will give you time to decide if you wish to continue with counselling or not. If you feel unsure you can think about it and either ‘phone or email me with your decision. If you decide to continue, please sign the contract and bring it back with you to your next appointment.

I want to be sure that anything I disclose is completely confidential, is this is the case?

Yes, absolutely, anything you discuss with me, I guarantee to keep confidential with the exception of any disclosure which would supersede the confidentially contract. i.e. you are a danger to yourself or others, suicidal or if a child is at risk. In such circumstances I am legally obliged to contact the relevant authorities, such as your GP. Confidentiality is explained in the contract that I will give you at your first consultation session.

How do I book and pay for appointments?

Please contact Diana to check availability in the first instance. Payments can be made on the following page or you can pay in cash at the appointment:

Payments Page

What is your cancellation policy?

I would ask you to provide me with 48 hours cancellation notice. Cancellation notice between 24-48 hours will incur half the session fee and cancellation within 24 hours will incur the full session fee. If you do not attend the session without any cancellation notice, the full session fee will require payment.